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Yonjige New Energy Technology Company will attend the ICH Shenzhen 2023

The 12th Shenzhen International Connector, Cable Harness and Processing Equipment Exhibition" will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center "ICH Shenzhen" has gradually become the vane of the harness processing and connector industry, market-oriented to enhance industrial competitiveness and promote production. Industry healthy and sustainable development!

Yongjie will attend the ICH Shenzhen 2023 and will show the major products such as Low Voltage Conducting Test Station, the newly developed New Energy Test Station. Also, the multiple functioned Test Station of Electric Charger will be on the exhibition. This test station can test isolation, electronic lock and air tightness.

Let's wish Yongjie a huge success on the exhibition.

Description of Yongjie's test stations:

New Energy High Voltage Test Bench

Introduction of Functions:
1. Common Loop Test
2. Component Test including Resistor, Inductance, Capacitor and Diode
3. Electronic Lock Function Test
4. AC Hi-Pot Test with Voltage output up to 5000V
5. DC Hi-Pot Test with Voltage output up to 6000V


Low Voltage Cardin (Cable Tie) Mounting Test Stand

Function Description:
1. Preset the position of cable ties on the wiring harness
2. Be able to detect missing cable ties
3. With error proofing by color identification of cable ties
4. Platform of the test stand can either be horizontal or tilted for different manufacturing situation
5. Platform of the test stand can be replaced for different manufacturing situation

Induction Test Station

Induction Test Stations are categorized to 2 types based on functions. Which are Plug-in Guiding Platform and Plug-in Guiding Test Platform.
1. Plug-in Guiding Platform instructs the operator to operate per preset procedure with diode indicators. This avoids the mistakes of terminal plug-in.
2. Plug-in Guiding Test Platform will complete the conducting test at the same time as plug-in.


Post time: May-31-2023